Established 1985
Established in 1985, the company dedicated itself to the research, development and manufacture of industrial automation hardware in order to support the automation of Taiwan’s machine industries. As all sectors of the industry face fierce global competition,FOTEK continues to provide the guaranteed best quality through advanced technologies and strict quality control ( certified ); At the same time, the company has continue to pushed to increase production,standardization and international standards compliance of electronic controllers in order to reduce costs and increase competitiveness. FOTEK products are in use in many Taiwanese industries such as rubber/plastic machinery packaging, food, printing, parking, transportation, many major machinery producers. The company’s products are sold electronics and cabling. The company is also a designated supplier to all around the world, and many internationally renowned companies in Italy, Germany, the USA, the UK and more use FOTEK’s OEM services. With nearly ten thousand products, the customer’s requirements can always be met, making FOTEK best partner for the manufacturing and machining industries.

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Our History



FOTEK CONTROLS CO.,LTD was established in Taipei City , Taiwan.


Dajia factory was built for setting up standardization and modernization production process.


Xiamen factory was built for providing best service and competitive goods to China market.


The second Dajia factory was expanded for pushing to increase production,standardization and international standards compliance of electronic controllers.


Shanghai branch office relocated to Suzhou City.


Headquarters and R&D relocated to Asia Pacific Enterprise Center - 8F. Proceeding with research and development in order to provide better service and meet your requirement.

Today 2020

Whole new designed company official website has been launched today.