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C Series Sensor Controller

※High Compact, High Reliability & Low Cost Sensor Controller ※DC Power Output:12VDC/40mA or 12VDC/150mA ※Input NPN or PNP selectable (A:NPN、B:PNP) ※Suited for Proximity sensor or photo sensor


FR Series Floatless Level Relay

※Power: AC 110V or 220V or 380V or 440VAC ± 20% , 50/60Hz ※A Variety of Resistance Range Selectable


PR Series Voltage & Phase Relay

※Power:220V or 380V or 415V or 440V or 480VAC ※Output status:Normal ON 【RUN】


PR-KSeries Three Phase Detector

※Slim compact outline 17.8mm ※High resistance to inverter noise ※PR-K1 & PR-KA for phase loss or reversed detection ※PR-K2 for phase loss or reversed or voltage abnormal detection ※Conformity with IEC/EN 50178 & IEC/EN 61000-6-2 &IEC/EN 61000-6-3