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AVR Series Constat Voltage Regulator

Series Description

  • ※Real time feedback control
  • ※Constantly voltage control
  • ※Control load directly


Product type
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  • Product number Features Description Detailed specifications
  • AVR-48A Output method:Triac、Rated Current:5A、Fixed Hole:45*45mm View specs
  • AVR-48A-RS Output method:Triac、Rated Current:5A、RS-485 Communication、Fixed Hole:45*45mm View specs
  • AVR-48L Output method:Photo coupler、Attachment : SCR-□□KL、Fixed Hole:45*45mm View specs
  • AVR-48L-RS Output method:Photo coupler、Attachment : SCR-□□KL、RS-485 Communication、Fixed Hole:45*45mm View specs
  • AVR-72A Output method:Triac、Rated Current:15A、Fixed Hole:68*68mm View specs
  • AVR-72A-RS Output method:Triac、Rated Current:15A、RS-485 Communication、Fixed Hole:68*68mm View specs