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H3 Series Power On Delay Timer/Flicker/Y-△Starter

Series Description

  • ※High receptivity:0.2% of F.S. Max.
  • ※Reset time:0.1S Max.
  • ※Setting Accuracy:5% of F.S. Max.
  • ※CE Approved:EMC、ESD&LVD


Product type
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  • Product number Features Description Detailed specifications
  • H3-1S-□□V Single-Range:1S、Dimension:40.0*50.0mm View specs
  • H3-3S-□□V Single-Range:3S、Dimension:40.0*50.0mm View specs
  • H3-6S-□□V Single-Range:6S、Dimension:40.0*50.0mm View specs
  • H3-10S-□□V Single-Range:10S、Dimension:40.0*50.0mm View specs
  • H3-30S-□□V Single-Range:30S、Dimension:40.0*50.0mm View specs
  • H3-60S-□□V Single-Range:60S、Dimension:40.0*50.0mm View specs
  • H3-3M-□□V Single-Range:3M、Dimension:40.0*50.0mm View specs
  • H3-6M-□□V Single-Range:6M、Dimension:40.0*50.0mm View specs
  • H3-10M-□□V Single-Range:10M、Dimension:40.0*50.0mm View specs
  • H3-30M-□□V Single-Range:30M、Dimension:40.0*50.0mm View specs
  • H3-60M-□□V Single-Range:60M、Dimension:40.0*50.0mm View specs
  • H3-3H-□□V Single-Range:3H、Dimension:40.0*50.0mm View specs
  • H3-6H-□□V Single-Range:6H、Dimension:40.0*50.0mm View specs
  • H3-10H-□□V Single-Range:10H、Dimension:40.0*50.0mm View specs
  • H3-M1-□□V Multi-Range :1S/10S/1M/10M、Dimension:40.0*50.0mm View specs
  • H3-M1H-□□V Multi-Range :1M/10M/1H/10H、Dimension:40.0*50.0mm View specs
  • H3-M3-□□V Multi-Range :3S/30S/3M/30M、Dimension:40.0*50.0mm View specs
  • H3-M3H-□□V Multi-Range :3M/30M/3H/30H、Dimension:40.0*50.0mm View specs
  • H3-M6-□□V Multi-Range :6S/60S/6M/60M、Dimension:40.0*50.0mm View specs
  • H3-M6H-□□V Multi-Range :6M/60M/6H/60H、Dimension:40.0*50.0mm View specs
  • H3-FK-M3-□□V Multi-Range:3S/30S/3M/30M、Dimension:40.0*50.0mm View specs
  • H3-TRD-30S-□□V Single-Range:30S、Change Time:0.2S、Dimension:40.0*50.0mm View specs