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SQ Series Spark Quencher

Series Description

  • ※To Extend the life of contact
  • ※To quench the spark of contact
  • ※To quench the noise of power line
  • ※To quench the surge of voltage


Product type
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  • Product number Features Description Detailed specifications
Single Phase Type
  • SQ1-511W Operating voltage max.:550VAC、Value of condenser:0.1μF、Value of resistor:100Ω View specs
Single Phase PCB Type
  • SQ1-115P Operating voltage max.:250VAC、Value of condenser:0.1μF、Value of resistor:510Ω View specs
Three Phase Type
  • SQ3-351W Operating voltage max.:300VAC、Value of condenser:0.5μF、Value of resistor:47Ω View specs
  • SQ3-511W Operating voltage max.:550VAC、Value of condenser:0.12μF、Value of resistor:47Ω View specs