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PRD Series Compact Digital Pressure Meter

Series Description

  • ※Compact structure
  • ※Transmitter : 4∼20mA or 0∼10V
  • ※Communication : RS-485 RTU
  • ※Alarm out : NPN or PNP or Relay
  • ※Pressure unit : Bar / Psi / Kpa / kg/cm2 or others
  • ※Wetted port material with 「PVDF」or 「PP」or「SUS-316L」
  • ※ Other pressure range are accepted to manufacture


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Compact Digital Pressure Meter
  • PRD-□□-□□ series Precision type:±0.3% of F.S.、Normal type:±1.0% of F.S.、RS-485(Optional) View specs