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DM/AM Series Multi-function Digital Meter

Series Description

  • ※Power supply: AC90~265VAC 50/60Hz or 15~60VAC/DC
  • ※Control output:Relay 1a <5A/250VAC>
  • ※AD convertor:24 bit High Accuracy
  • ※Accuracy of display:± < 0.1% of F.S + 1 Digit >
  • ※Communication function available


Product type
product picture
  • Product number Features Description Detailed specifications
DC input
  • DM-24T Input:in.0~in.5 Selectable or mV、Display range:-1999~9999、RS-485(Optional) View specs
  • DM-242 Input:in.0~in.5 Selectable or mV、Display range:-1999~9999、RS-485(Optional)、Output:Relay*2 View specs
  • DM-25T Input:in.0~in.5 Selectable or mV、Display range:-19999~19999、RS-485(Optional) View specs
  • DM-252 Input:in.0~in.5 Selectable or mV、Display range:-19999~19999、RS-485(Optional)、Output:Relay*2 View specs
  • DMA-24T Input:0~5A or mV、Display range:0~9999、Unit:A(VDC)、RS-485(Optional) View specs
  • DMA-242 Input:0~5A or mV、Display range:0~9999、Unit:A(VDC)、RS-485(Optional)、Output:Relay*2 View specs
  • DMA-25T Input:0~5A or mV、Display range:0~19999、Unit:A(VDC)、RS-485(Optional) View specs
  • DMA-252 Input:0~5A or mV、Display range:0~19999、Unit:A(VDC)、RS-485(Optional)、Output:Relay*2 View specs
  • DMV-24T Input:0~600VDC or mV、Display range:0~9999、Unit:V(VDC)、RS-485(Optional) View specs
  • DMV-242 Input:0~600VDC or mV、Display range:0~9999、Unit:V(VDC)、RS-485(Optional)、Output:Relay*2 View specs
AC input
  • AMA-24T Input:0~5A or mA、Display range:0~9999、Unit:A(VAC)、RS-485(Optional) View specs
  • AMA-242 Input:0~5A or mA、Display range:0~9999、Unit:A(VAC)、RS-485(Optional)、Output:Relay*2 View specs
  • AMA-25T Input:0~5A or mA、Display range:0~19999、Unit:A(VAC)、RS-485(Optional) View specs
  • AMA-252 Input:0~5A or mA、Display range:0~19999、Unit:A(VAC)、RS-485(Optional)、Output:Relay*2 View specs
  • AMV-24T Input:0~600VAC or mV、Display range:0~9999、Unit:V(VAC)、RS-485(Optional) View specs
  • AMV-242 Input:0~600VAC or mV、Display range:0~9999、Unit:V(VAC)、RS-485(Optional)、Output:Relay*2 View specs