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SSR Series Accessories

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  • Product number Features Description Detailed specifications
I/O Board for SSR-P Series
Rail Bracket for SSR Series
Heat Sink for Single Phase SSR Series
  • HS-50H Single、Length:50mm、Height:50mm View specs
  • HS-100H Twice、Length:100mm、Height:50mm View specs
  • HS-150H Three、Length:150mm、Height:50mm View specs
  • HS-200H Four、Length:200mm、Height:50mm View specs
  • HS-50 Single、Length:50mm、Height:95mm View specs
  • HS-100 Twice、Length:100mm、Height:95mm View specs
  • HS-150 Three、Length:150mm、Height:95mm View specs
  • HS-200 Four、Length:200mm、Height:95mm View specs
  • HS-250 Five、Length:250mm、Height:95mm View specs