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EZR-AA Series Single Phase Plug Type Solid State Module (SSR)

Series Description

  • ※High Dielectric strength over 4KV
  • ※High Isolation strength over 100MΩ/500VDC
  • ※With over heat protection Circuit (120°C)
  • ※High surge current sustenance
  • ※High surge voltage sustenance
  • ※Conformity with EN60947-4-3 and EN60950


Product type
product picture
  • Product number Features Description Detailed specifications
Standard Type AC to AC
  • EZR-40AA Input voltage:90~250VAC、Max Rated Load Voltage:24~380VAC、Max Load Current:16A View specs
High Voltage Type DC to AC
  • EZR-40AA-H Input voltage:90~250VAC、Max Rated Load Voltage:90~480VAC、Max Load Current:16A View specs