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E2/PH Series Mini Type Photo Sensor

Series Description

  • E2
  • ※Solid compact structure 12×30×17 (W×H×D mm)
  • ※Protection class:IP-66
  • ※NO/NC changeable
  • ※Polarized mirror reflex type E2G-1MRE
  • ※Transparent object detectable E2G-1MG
  • PH
  • ※Solid compact structure 7φ×43mm / M8×43mm
  • ※Protection class IP-67
  • ※Output short circuit protection
  • ※High noise resistance


Product type
product picture
  • Product number Features Description Detailed specifications
Reflex Type
  • E2R-10N Sensible Distance:10CM、IP-66、Infrared Led View specs
  • E2R-30N Sensible Distance:30CM、IP-66、Infrared Led View specs
  • PH07-03N Sensible Distance:45.0mm、IP-67、φ7、Infrared Led View specs
  • PH08-03N Sensible Distance:45.0mm、IP-67、M8、Infrared Led View specs
Mirror Reflex Type
  • E2G-1MG Sensible Distance:1.2M、IP-66、Greed LED View specs
  • E2G-1MR Sensible Distance:1.2M、IP-66、Red LED View specs
  • E2G-1MRE Sensible Distance:1.2M、IP-66、Red LED、Polarized Reflex Type View specs
  • E2G-2MN Sensible Distance:2.0M、IP-66、Red LED View specs
Thru Beam Type
  • E2T-4MN Sensible Distance:6.0M、IP-66、Infrared Led View specs