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H5C Series DIN48*48 Preset Digital Counter

Series Description

  • ※DIN 48×48
  • ※Up counter or down counter selectable
  • ※Decimal point selectable
  • ※Response frequence: Hi < 1K Hz , Lo < 30 Hz selectable
  • ※Output control: Manual reset or auto reset selectable
  • ※Output delay time:0.1S ~9.9S
  • ※DC output:60mA / 12VDC
  • ※Switching power supply:90~250VAC , 50/60Hz


Product type
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  • Product number Features Description Detailed specifications
Panel Mounting Type Digital Counter
  • H5C-4D 4 digits、Fixed hole:45*45mm、Memory Method:EEPROM or Non-Memory View specs