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LT M30 Series Long Distance Thru Beam Type Photo Sensor

Series Description

  • ※Longer setting distance:150M
  • ※Enough setting margin:Over 50% of Setting Distance
  • ※Two way output:NPN & PNP


Product type
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  • Product number Features Description Detailed specifications
Thru Beam Type
  • LT-40MX Sensible Distance:40M+50%、Min.Sensible Object:10.0φ、Response Time:5ms View specs
  • LT-80MX Sensible Distance:80M+50%、Min.Sensible Object:30.0φ、Response Time:50ms View specs
  • LT-150MX Sensible Distance:150M+50%、Min.Sensible Object:50.0φ、Response Time:50ms View specs