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E3 Series Free Power Photo Sensor

Series Description

  • ※Extensive operating voltage
  • 20~260VAC/DC
  • ※Longer sensoring distance
  • Thru bean type:30 M
  • Mirror reflex type:8M
  • ※High compact structure
  • IP-66
  • ※Multi-protection circuit
  • Burst test over 2kv


Product type
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  • Product number Features Description Detailed specifications
Reflex Type
  • E3R-60X Sensible Distance:60cm、Sensitivity Adjuster: 270°Trimmer、IP-66 View specs
  • M3R-60X Sensible Distance:60cm、Sensitivity Adjuster: 270°Trimmer、IP-66、ON Delay Type View specs
Mirror Reflex Type
  • E3G-6MRE Sensible Distance:6.0M、Sensitivity Adjuster: non、IP-66、Polarized Mirror Reflex Type View specs
  • E3G-8MX Sensible Distance:8.0M、Sensitivity Adjuster: non、IP-66 View specs
  • M3G-6MRE Sensible Distance:6.0M、Sensitivity Adjuster: non、IP-66、ON Delay Type、Polarized Mirror Reflex Type View specs
  • M3G-8MX Sensible Distance:8.0M、Sensitivity Adjuster: non、IP-66、ON Delay Type View specs
Thru Beam Type
  • E3T-10MX Sensible Distance:10.0M、Sensitivity Adjuster: non、IP-66 View specs
  • E3T-30MX Sensible Distance:30.0M、Sensitivity Adjuster: non、IP-66 View specs
  • M3T-30MX Sensible Distance:30.0M、Sensitivity Adjuster: non、IP-66、ON Delay Type View specs