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MC Series Specific Counter

Series Description

  • ※Tri meter
  • Single preset counter+RPM+Length meter
  • 2.Twin preset counter
  • Twin single preset counters with synchronous counting
  • Single preset counter+Batch preset counter
  • twin single preset counters with separated counting
  • 3.Counter+RPM / LSM
  • Dual preset counter+RPM (Tachometer)
  • Dual preset counter+RPM (Line speed meter)


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  • Product number Features Description Detailed specifications
Digital Counter
  • MC-426 6 digits、Dual Preset、Dimension:48*48*100mm (Fixed hole:45*45mm)、Tiwn counter View specs
  • MC-326 6 digits、Dual Preset、Dimension:72*72*80mm (Fixed hole:68*68mm)、Tiwn counter View specs
  • MC-226 6 digits、Dual Preset、Dimension:96*48*80mm (Fixed hole:92*45mm)、Tiwn counter View specs
  • MC-462M 6 digits、Dual Preset、Dimension:48*48*100mm (Fixed hole:45*45mm)、Counter+RPM/LSM View specs
  • MC-362M 6 digits、Dual Preset、Dimension:72*72*80mm (Fixed hole:68*68mm)、Counter+RPM/LSM View specs
  • MC-262M 6 digits、Dual Preset、Dimension:96*48*80mm (Fixed hole:92*45mm)、Counter+RPM/LSM View specs
  • MC-461T 6 digits、Single preset、Dimension:48*48*100mm (Fixed hole:45*45mm)、Tri-meter View specs
  • MC-361T 6 digits、Single preset、Dimension:72*72*80mm (Fixed hole:68*68mm)、Tri-meter View specs
  • MC-261T 6 digits、Single preset、Dimension:96*48*80mm (Fixed hole:92*45mm)、Tri-meter View specs