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KI Series Inserted Type Paddle Flow Meter / Flow Sensor

Series Description

  • ※Gas-proof structure are suited for corrosion surroundings
  • ※Accuracy is less than ±0.5%
  • ※Pulse rate (K-factor) is settable
  • ※Unit of Flow total meter is selectable (Liter / Gallon / Kilo-liter)
  • ※Status of Flow rate meter limit output (NO / NC) is changeable
  • ※Unit of pulse is selectable (LPP / GPP / KLPP)
  • ※Power on delay time is settable for Flow rate meter limit output


Product type
product picture
  • Product number Features Description Detailed specifications
Battery Type LCD Flow Meter
  • KIC-□□系列 Flow rate Meter+Flow total meter、Output/Transmitter:non View specs
Digital Flow Meter
  • KIM-□□系列 Flow rate Meter+Flow total meter、Transmitter:4~20mA View specs
  • KIP-□□系列 Flow rate Meter+Flow total meter、RS-485(Optional) View specs
Digital Flow Meter
  • KIB-□□系列 Flow rate Meter、Transmitter:4~20mA、RS-485(Optional) View specs
Flow Sensor
  • KIW-□□系列 Flow sensor、Pulse Output:NPN&PNP View specs